Design-specific notes

Last Updated: Sep 03, 2013 03:56PM PDT
Runyon, Landsat, and Passport separate project text and media. Videos and images are placed in one area, and text is placed in another. In Landsat and Passport, the text is placed inside an element named .project_text in the design CSS. In Runyon, that element is named .text_container in the CSS.

Counterform 2012, Tesla, and Montessori print project content inside an overlay - this overlay can be modified by changing #mainwrapper in the design CSS.

Hegel and Kant use jQuery Masonry  to display and organize thumbnails. Variable-width thumbnails will not display correctly in these designs.

Amsterdam, Hegel, and Kant all use a script to reflow thumbnails according to the browser width; it can be overridden by setting a fixed width on #content_container in the Design CSS. 

Amsterdam, by default, will set the header element to position:fixed and position:absolute depending on whether a project is open in your website. This can also be overridden through CSS.
All SpaceCollective-based designs ( Trillian, Elena, Voyager 1 and Voyager 2, SpaceCollective & SpaceCollective-alt ) do not have customizable image widths. Trillian and Elena limit the image width to 670px, all others use an image width of 640px. The thumbnail height in Elena and Trillian is variable, but not the width.

Limelight and Apollo designs use jScrollPane to create customizable scrollable areas.

Sirius is structured differently from most previous Cargo designs: scripted interventions intended for other designs may not work for Sirius-based websites. The CSS is also structured differently: .thumbnail instead of .project_thumb#index instead of #page_1, #page_2, #page_3 etc. This design also separates content into slides depending on how they're formatted in the project editor; see the Sirius ReadMe page.
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