Projects, Pages, Links, and Sets

Last Updated: May 05, 2015 11:45AM PDT
In the Cargo admin panel, the project list can be used to create projects, pages, links, and sets.

Projects are the main building block of Cargo websites. Across all Cargo designs, they are represented by thumbnails. In Feed designs, they make up the posts displayed inside the scrolling feed area. As projects are published, they show up in the Cargo homepage of people that follow you. The most recently-activated project will appear as a thumbnail in other sites' Following area.

Pages are intended for static or information about the website itself: They can be used to contain CVs and Resumes, contact information, and/or anything that doesn't really fit with the main content of your website. Pages do not show up in the Following area, and can't be viewed in sequence: they are only accessible through the text nav in your website.

Links are used to lead the viewer to an arbitrary URL. They can be used to create email links, link to files on another server, or direct the viewer to another website entirely.

Sets are used to organize Projects, Pages and Links. After you've created a Set inside your project list, you can drag other project list items into it. Newer designs (such as Polaris and Cassiopeia) are capable of displaying sets in the front-end: See Designs that Support Sets.
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