Add separations between nav items

Last Updated: Sep 09, 2014 11:16AM PDT
Method 1:
Locate the ID of the link you wish the separation to appear above. The ID can be found in the Project Editor, below the Save button:
 Direct link   Solo link    PID : 123
Use this to target the specific link in your custom CSS by appending "menu_" to the ID, like this:
 #menu_123 {
    margin-bottom: 1em;

Method 2:
Use the Link feature to add separations:
  • Make a New Link
  • In the Link text field, type  
  • Clear out the Link URL field
  • Back in the Project list, turn the Link ON, and place it where you want the separation to appear

(This affects your pagination count)

Method 3:
Use the Link feature to add plain-text headers in your text nav:

Make sure that these three options in your display options are not checked:

Text nav: Hide Projects
Text nav: Hide Pages
Text nav: Pages and Links do not paginate

Then, add Links in your project list, keeping the Link URL field empty and the "opens in a new window" option unchecked. This method does not work in Feed-based designs, or in Developer designs.

(This affects your pagination count)
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